Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tomorrow is t3h k3wl w00dbury f4br1c 54l3!!!

The WU club formerly known as the Fashion Club is having a fabric sale...

(still from S.C.'s fanfilm "A Little to see it in its full glory)

No, no, no, not THAT ONE!

It's the one now known as Common Threads, and they're made up of fashion design and fashion marketing students at Woodbury. Every semester they do a fabric sale, and it's usually quite amazing. I got some really nice unbleached linen that is woven in this amazing checkerboard texture last time, and I will be using that for the final inner tunic of the Jedi habit. And it was only $1/yard!!! What a find.

I'm looking forward to some serious fabric hunting tomorrow. I suspect I'll have to buy yet another plastic bin. Oh well...