Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why Mr. Redstone, you've got awfully dirty hands...

Looks like the YouTube vs. Viacom lawsuit is going to get laughed out of court if the judge isn't a total freaking wuss. Viacom owns iFilm. iFilm has copyrighted material from companies other than Viacom or CBS on the site. iFilm hasn't pulled any of it so far. Therefore, Viacom is asking YouTube to do what it is unwilling or unable to do on iFilm. Which means Viacom has unclean hands.

Looky here, HBO! Some infringing material on iFilm! Soprano killing spree! Get it while it's hot! Get it before Viacom wakes up and whacks it! Hey, isn't HBO/Cinemax the arch-nemesis of Showtime/TMC? Go get 'em! I caught them with their pants down!

Anyway, here's more about the situation.

And of course, here's what I think about YouTube and their spinelessness.