Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Geek stink and disappearing LJ...

Today has been a day of outages.

All today, we have had NO hot water, and for most of the day we have had NO WATER AT ALL.

The stereotype about geeks is that we don't bathe. Thing is, I do, daily. I sometimes bathe more than once on hot sticky days. Like this one. I am miserable. The water just came back on...finally.

I know I don't give my Blogspot blogs much love anymore, because too many of my friends are on LJ and I seem to update my LJ more frequently. Well, I can't bitch about the water outage today, because thanks to mystery power problems in San Francisco my LJ is down. As is everyone else's.

And tomorrow I go to Comic-Con. Hopefully there won't be an Amtrak outage.